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Pulling "Options Page" info into a post.

  • I’m attempting to code a template that’s very hands-on for each individual post, but I’m not really sure of how to go about doing it.

    The posts go under a Custom Post Type.

    Each post needs to contain a drop-down custom field that has a list of pre-defined color pallets. IE: Red, Blue, Green, etc.

    The color pallets need to be 100% editable within WordPress (not on the stylesheet). So I was thinking having them as a tab on the Options page, where each pallet is named and the corresponding hex codes added to the pallet in the repeater field boxes.

    Now, I have the repeater field setup on the options page and everything can be input and formatted at the descretion of the blogger. However, how would I go about pulling the data (primarily the top-row field name) into a drop down on the Custom Post Type? So that when someone is blogging they choose “Red” from the drop down and inturn the template file would then read all of the color selections from the RED sub-fields.

    Getting the repeater field coded for the template isn’t my issue, it’s pulling the repeater field from the options page to load on the post-type page as just the color choices.

    Any idea on how I would go about doing this? Is this something that’s even remotely possible?

  • Not sure how to do that by reading values from the Options Page as you describe, but here’s an alternative:

    1. Create a custom post type called ‘Colors’
    2. Create one post per color with a single Color Picker field
    3. Use a Relationship field to display all of the ‘Colors’ posts to choose from
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