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Pulling data from multiple sources in various ways

  • Hey, I’ve jumped into the deep end with a project and I’m struggling slightly, I don’t need a full solution but a point in the right direction and confirmation that it’s possible would be great. I’m going to use a basic analogy so we don’t get stuck in the details

    I’m building a website on which I am expecting to need 3 tables of information.

    One is about the person – their details, social media, picture etc
    One is about a product – terms and conditions, description etc
    One is storing their reviews – linking Person, Product and additional information unique to that person and product (that person’s review, star rating, order number)

    I want to use this information to produce three pages:
    One is a summary list of products, with who has reviewed it
    One is the detail of the product with the reviews underneath
    One is the detail of the person with the products they have reviewed underneath.

    From what I’ve read on here so far, it seems to be possible, I might have to buy the pro version in order to use repeaters but that is acceptable.

    Am I going the right way in creating 3 seperate tables, if this was in SQL I would be using indexes to link the tables but I can’t figure out how do that in here.

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