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Publish new Field Group without title

  • Hi, using ACF 4.4.0 I’ve found a problem when saving a new field group without specifying the title.

    The flow is:
    – click add new field group
    – add all custom field needed
    – click on publish
    – alert “Field group title is required”
    – added the title
    – the publish button is not clickable
    – redo all work from the first step

    The solution I’ve used is simply to remove the class “disabled” from the button via js, here is the diff:

    --- a/src/core/plugins/advanced-custom-fields/js/field-group.js
    +++ b/src/core/plugins/advanced-custom-fields/js/field-group.js
    @@ -135,14 +135,19 @@ var acf = {
            *  @return      N/A
    -       $(document).on('submit', '#post', function(){
    +       $(document).on('submit', '#post', function(event){
                    // validate post title
                    var title = $('#titlewrap #title');
                    if( !title.val() )
    +                       event.preventDefault();
                            alert( acf.l10n.title );
    +                       $('#publish').removeClass('disabled');
    +                       $('#publishing-action .spinner').hide();
  • Hi @giacomozinetti,

    Thanks for posting the fix on this one.

    This issue should be resolved in the latest version 🙂

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