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Provide some explicit examples

  • Hi,

    Complicated examples help so much in understanding ACFPro !

    Complex search (really a lack ; Realty2 WordPress theme did it very well), complex display, complex frontend forms, etc.


  • I will flag this discussion for the developer.

    but there are some things that you should keep in mind.

    Complex examples take a long time to create. There is currently only a single developer of this plugin and he maintains 2 versions of the plugin and all of the sites and documentation involved.

    I think he’s done a great job on the documentation considering this. There is far more documentation available to the public here than you’ll find on pricier plugins. The documentation explains exactly what functions and hooks do.

    ACF is also a very popular plugin and there are many developers that have written their own tutorials on how to do things. If you do a web search for what you’re looking for you may find one that helps you with what you want to do.

  • I agree with you. But example help so much in understanding, whatever the domain. And if people understand ACFPro the will use it, so buy it 🙂
    Doc is just… doc. When I read about relationship field, I just see doc. When I understand it, I see the power of ACF 🙂

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