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Provide option for editing exported fields in admin

  • When you generate export code and include that file in the project, your fields are created in the appropriate places but are no longer editable in the admin once the fields have been imported. I understand this is so that you can package up a theme with custom fields and not be concerned about the fields being edited. However, if you’re working on a project with a larger team where various developers will need to collaborate, this feature is incredibly hindering. If you added a hook which allowed export code to be imported for editing, this would allow you to preserve the packaging currently happening while allowing developers the functionality required to build with teams.

  • Hi @nathanshubert

    Actually, this feature is already included within the plugin. Instead of Generating export code, Download the export file which is a JSON file containing definition of the selected field groups

    All the fields imported through the export file are editable.

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