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Proper use of flexible content?

  • hi folks
    So i was wondering if i was using the flexible content the right way.

    So, i have three layouts in flex content. Number of each of them is limited to 1 layout only. In my single page template i display info of those layouts in Tabs.
    so i have three tabs, three layouts, and three loop in the template file tabs’ section each for different layout. I have no need for changing content order.

    so dunno, should i stick with flex content? Also i need some of those info for archive template, and doing so many loops for just few pieces of info seems too much. On the other hand i dont want to separate those few fields from flex layouts.
    any advice will be appreciated ^^

  • I don’t think there is really a “right” or “wrong” way of doing anything. There may be ways that are better suited to a need than others though.

    Here are some questions I would be asking.

    Will there ever be a need, or could there ever be a need, to have more than one of these layouts?

    Another would be is it important for the user to be able to set the order that the layouts are displayed in or are they fixed?

    If the answer to those are both no then I might use tabs and the first tab in each field would be a true/false field to have the section active or not. The rest of the fields would be hidden when not active (conditional fields). This eliminates the loops of the flex fields. If then need to be able to set the order they the sections are displayed in this could possibly be done with a radio button offering various orders.

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