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programmatically saving select choice

  • Hello,
    I am having an insanely difficult time finding out how to programmatically save to a selection choice with ACF. Here’s what I have.

    $new_cat_id = wp_insert_category($new_cat);
    $values = array('choices'=>'product');
    update_field('cat-type', $values, 'product_cat_'.$new_cat_id);

    This code actually shows the correct ‘product’ selection being made when I go to the admin page for this, but I am unable to grab it using:

    $product = get_field('cat-type','product_cat_'.$category->term_id);

    If I..


    …the wrong selection shows up in the array but if I look at it from the site administration, it shows with the correct option selected. I have gone through every tutorial I can find but none of them have been successful. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • See this page:

    You need to use the field key, something that looks like: “field_4fc5ab37e1819lol”

    The page goes on to talk about data entries and reference entries. To get values from ACF using the ACF functions both the value & reference must be interested.

  • OK, this helped to solve this issue. What I ended up with is:

    $new_cat_id = wp_insert_category($new_cat);
    $values['choices'] = 'product';
    update_field('field_54d4c68c4aa5e',$values, 'product_cat_'.$new_cat_id);

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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