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Product Image Ribbon/Badge but site wide.

  • Hello everyone. So I am using Elementor Pro with ACF and Woocommerce. And as you can see from my link below on my product image I was successfully able to get the ribbon on the top left corner you see. When i person selects from the ACF drop down, of new, used and ex-demo. Then it the badge changes and reflects a new design and what type of condition the model it.

    My question and I think I am close to finding an answer I am just not quite as savvy with PHP and the function side of things. But the client has asked that this badge/ribbon appears site wide. So in the category lists and product images on other pages. Not just the single product page.

    Is there a way to do this with ACF site wide? I was leaning into a php function in functions.php but I am not sure I know enough knowledge to crack it. Is this something that is possible. You pick the dropdown select setting in the product post template. And can have a ribbon like this appear site wide?


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