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Product Custom Fields in WooCommerce cart

  • Hello !!
    I’m using ACF for almost all website I create as it gives me the opportunity to customize a lot and fits almost all needs ! Love it.

    I have an issue for a specific issue.

    I use WooCommerce and have customs fields inside my products (year of creation, custom description, origin of the product and more).

    I tried to show some of those fields on the cart page after the product name.
    But I found no way to show them. I tried the ACF boolean testing method that return a FALSE 0.

    Do you have any hint to implement this and show my custom fields in my cart page ?

    Thanks a lot !


  • Just to say I managed to do it !

    For those in the same situation, I just forgot to input the ID of my product in the function that calls my field…

    I felt dumb.. !

  • Do you mind sharing the code that made it work?

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