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Problems with the DIVI theme generator

  • Hello,
    I have created a group to configure fields in blog posts. Two fields: Wysiwyg and oEmbed. Everything works fine and I can fill them in the blog post.
    The problem is that it doesn’t work with the template that I created with the DIVI theme generator. I have included it as dynamic content and the ACF fields appear, I select them but then the HTML code appears in the input instead of the YouTube video that I want to appear embedded.
    Can you help me?
    Thank you

  • You best bet is to contact DIVI. There are not many DIVI users that frequent this site. More than likely DIVI is escaping any HTML entered it the field.l

    The only suggestion I can give is to use an ACF shortcode, but these generally only work on simple fields.

  • Not sure if you still need help with this but I had to create shortcodes or make sure you try this tutorial

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