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Problems with date&hour fields

  • Hi everyone,
    I encountered a problem while using ACF pro date and hour field, the values aren’t saved, in fact they aren’t even sent when I look to the request. I have also seen that the value of the hidden field isn’t set when I choose a date and an hour. When using the date field, it is working. I tried to disable my custom js files, it doesn’t changes anything. Note that I’m using themes kingdom’s charity+ theme.

    Anyone has already had this issue? or can help me? I need to give the project to my client, so a fast answer could be very kind of you.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Noticed today whilst upgrading to Pro that my dates are messed up as well.

    Worked fine yesterday via this…

    $date = DateTime::createFromFormat('Ymd', get_field('movie_release_date'));
    echo $date->format('l j F Y');

    …but today gives a fatal error.

  • Are your dates send in the form? In firefox you can look in the DevTools under Network tab, in the post request data.

  • It was a conflict with the theme, it provided datepicker and datetimepicker function and css, for tk plugins. Just deregistered the styles and scripts.

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