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Problems with acf_form()

  • I have created a form but I have 2 problems:

    – I have activated title and content, but the content is a text input, not an editor
    – Also, I have filtered the labels so they are different than “title” and “content”

    In fact, I have another form that has been working for long time, but now it has the same problem. I attach a screenshot (the fields are the 2 first ones).

    What is happening? Can you help me?


  • I’m seeing a wysiwyg for the content field.

    What are the settings you’re using for acf_form();

    I suspect that you have conflict somewhere.

  • I was able to solve it. The problem was that I had another form with filters, and was returning the $value only when the IF was true, and not when false, so the new form was broken 🤦‍♂️


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