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Problems importing custom fields

  • I’m migrating a very (very) old Expression Engine website to WordPress. I managed to generate an XML template on the old site and migrate the posts to WordPress using the default WP Importer. I also managed to map and successfully import the old custom fields content to the new fields I created in WordPress using ACF Pro. These are all wysiwyg fields, by the way.

    I did some tests a few weeks ago and everything seemed to work. However, today when I started migrating the content I found out the WordPress is not importing the content of the custom fields. All the other details are imported correctly (author, category, date).
    This happens both on my local and staging install. I’m wondering if it could be something related to a plug-in update? I haven’t made any changes to my WP install, I simply worked on the child theme, and haven’t touched the custom fields settings.

  • Hi @kikaweb, Please know that ACF stores data for custom field related to posts in the post_meta table. Therefore, using any migration tool should work just fine.

    Personally, I’ve always preferred using wpallimport which has always worked well for me.

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