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Problem using function acf_add_local_field

  • I am using this code to create a field in an existing group:

    function myfunct()
                            'key' => 'field_test_field',
                            'label' => 'Test Field',
                            'name' => 'test_field',
                            'type' => 'text',
                            'parent' => 'field_5c2f8603966b9'
    add_action( 'acf/init','myfunct');

    It creates a field, but when editing a post, the fields that were created earlier are not shown. Only the field created by this function

  • What type of field are you trying to add a sub field to?

  • I don’t know what I was thinking when I first answered this question. Looking back at the OP now I don’t see any reason this should not be working.

    How are the original fields added?

  • I solved the problem.

    Fields were added through the WP interface.
    Later there was a need to add fields programmatically.
    They were added, but those that were previously not displayed.

    How I solved the problem:

    Through tools I generated PHP code.
    Copied the array of fields from there and added it to my code – it worked

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