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Problem updating field groups

  • I’m trying to make changes to an existing field group that was published over a year ago. I can make changes like adding new fields and when I update there are no errors. I refresh the “edit field group” page and the updated info is displayed. But, if I go to a WordPress admin page and look at the fields, the updates are not shown.

    If I create a new field group I can make changes and see the changes on admin pages. I have ACF version and WordPress version 4.3.1.

  • Do you have local JSON enabled (acf-json folder in theme)? Is the folder writable by PHP? If the folder is not writable bu PHP then ACF will load older versions of the field group from the folder.

  • Thank you, John! I made sure the acf-json folder and all its contents had read/write/execute privileges and that allowed me to save updates.

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