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Problem saving some fields

  • Hi there, thanks for this incredible plugin, I’m using it extensively for my websites, it’s great!

    Now I have a problem. I’m using ACF for a multisite. I have quite some field groups and I have changed them quite a bit during the process as well.

    I have a field group connected to a page template. In that field group there are some fields which can I can still change, and some of the fields I can’t. When I change them in WP and hit the save button, the old field value appears. For the same fields, the function ‘get_field’, doesn’t work anymore. But if I use the get_post_meta function, I do get the values returned.

    $meta = get_post_meta( $pid );
    gives me all the metadata including the data I can’t change anymore. It returns

    Array (
    [adres] => Array (
    [0] => Jacobssingel 56
    1061 HK Amsterdam
    [_adres] => Array
    [0] => field_53be472f86b7a
    And if I use
    get_field('adres', $pid)
    it doesn’t return anything

    If I delete the old field and make a new one with the same field name, I can change the field again and get_field also works once more.

    It has quite some impact to renew all the fields, and I wouldn’t mind doing it once, but it seems a bit buggy now, so if i don’t find a solution i’m afraid I have to do it again and again

  • I’m having the same issue… won’t save my changes… have to create a totally new page, and do it exactly perfect… a solution would be very helpful… to say the least. 🙂

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