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PRO 5.6.6 Bug with Tabbed fields

  • Hi!

    I upgraded to 5.6.6 the other day and now I am getting some very strange behavior with tabs and conditional logic inside a flexible repeater.

    Most of the tabs should be hidden with conditional logic and instead they are ALL displayed at once.

    ACF 5.6.6 Tab/Conditional bug

  • +1

    I’ve the same issue with ACF 5.6.6.! Some of my tab sections are hidden. I have figured out, in my case the error occurs only with old posts or pages. If I add a new post or page, the tab sections are displayed correctly.

    I’ve created a support ticket a wait for replying of the ACF developer.

  • My issue only occurs on new pages. I didn’t notice the issue right away because I was just reviewing existing content to make sure that looked ok.

  • That is very strange! That’s a very annoying issue. I hope to quickly fix this bug with the next version 5.6.7 of ACF. I think this issue comes with the new saving of the last active tab functionality of the latest update.

  • Please submit bug reports by opening a new support ticket here

  • @okadots I’ve a reply from the ACF developer:

    We have just isolated some broken logic in the latest version that was affecting tabs and flexible content validation. Could you please redownload the ACF plugin files from your store account and check if the issue will still manifest?

    Can you please test it? In my case this is not solving the issue. My tab areas are still hidden.

  • Hi @okadots

    Thanks for the bug report and sorry for the issue.
    We have fixed a variety of JS bugs in 5.6.7 for both conditional logic and the tab field.

    Please update to 5.6.7, hard refresh the page and test the issue.
    If you problem persists, please export your field group to .json and attach to your next reply.

    I’ll import it locally and figure out what is going wrong.


  • @elliot Thanks Elliot for this fix. The fallback solve my issue with the non-active tabs and set the first tab to active, if there is this active class missing for other tabs.

    I hope you can find the main reason and fix this issue completely.

  • thanks for the super quick fix @elliot that solved my issue!

  • Great news! Thanks for letting me know.

  • I know you marked this solved, but I just purchased Pro and was immediately upgraded to 5.7.3 but I’m having what sounds like the same issue that you were having before. I created a few Fields, and I believe correctly, but I’m also attempting to use Tabs to display content in a more compact way on our site. I’m using Elementor and when I try to link the dynamic content no matter what I choose in the key settings, only one of the fields that I created are populated. The whole list is not there. There is a list if I choose Post Custom Field instead of ACF Field but most what populates is either the word Array or some 4 digit number. There are only a couple of tabs that I can actually get to work and they are text based. So it appears that things are not populating into the key as a selection from what I input.? Here is a screen shot. Thank you in Advance and if I am posting in the incorrect place please let me know and I’ll go where I’m supposed to. I’m just not sure where to go. Since I just started I was dealing withe a huge learning curve but catch on pretty quickly so I think I do have an understanding how it is supposed to work.

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