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Private custom fields

  • Hi, is it possible to make a custom field private so only admin and the person the post is assigned to can see or edit that post field?

    Thank you

  • You can make a field group visible to only the admin.

    There currently is not feature to only show a field group to the owner of a post but ACF does give you the ability to create custom location rules.

  • Thank you, just to verify. This works the same for the pro version? I would still have to add the codes for each field I admin or editor to be able to control. Thank you for your time

  • You cannot control specific fields, only specific field groups.

    Yes, location rules work the same in the free and pro versions.

    Yes, you can control field group appearance based on the user type of the currently logged in user.

    The following would need custom location rules created
    Field group appearance based on a specific user
    Field group appearance based on the author (owner) of the post

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