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Priority=High not visible on WP 5.0, 5.7.7, Gutenberg

  • No matter how many times we told them to not upgrade to 5.0, clients still did it.

    Combining WP 5.0 (Gutenberg enabled) with ACF 5.7.7 results in field groups with priority set to high to not show up when editing a page or post.

    Changing the priority to normal brings them back. So does installing 5.8-beta3.

  • Hi @joshf

    Thanks for the bug report.
    We are aware of this issue, but have just realised that we didn’t post about it in our latest article:

    I’ll update that with a mention to this issue.

    The WP 5.0 editor doesn’t have a space for the “High” location, so yes, you will need to change the position back to “normal”.

    We will be working on a fix for this over the coming weeks.

  • Appreciate all the work you’re putting in.

    Gutenberg’s been such a moving target… Nearly impossible to plan and develop for on anything but the surface level.

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