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Priority conflict with Fusion Page Builder (Avada theme)

  • Hello,

    When we using the Avada theme create a custom fields group with high position (after title), it does not appear if Fusion Page builder is turned on.

    Unfortunately, currently I have no capability to set up a test site to demonstrate the issue, but Avada is quite a popular theme so hope someone can check this.


  • I just ran into this same problem. A little frustrating.

    Client asked for this to be resolved after I built a whole feature for them using ACF.

  • Have you talked to the Avada Dev/Support? I don’t have access to Avada, but there’s nothing that I can see in ACF that indicates there should be any problem. ACF adds field groups before the content on the WP hook edit_form_after_title.If you can’t get any help from Avada then you might want to submit a support ticket, this forum is just users answering questions.

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