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Pricelist with ACF

  • Hi I’m a longtime user of ACF. Now I have a question. I would like to display service prices of a partner (supplier of services). I have created custom post types “Partner” and “Services”. With ACF field type relationship I can assign many services to a partner, but I need to enter also the price for a partner’s service. Is this possible with ACF?

  • You could use the ACF Repeater field which will contains multiple rows of the ACF Post Object field (or Page Link field) combined with others ACF fields like the price, etc.

    Otherwise, I’m also a longtime user of ACF, but when it comes to create link between posts together (they could be bi-directional, which is not possible at first with ACF) I still prefer the Posts 2 Posts plugin with which you can also add specifics fields (not ACF ones) in the relation between the two posts.

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