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Preview Changes no longer working with ACF

  • I recently upgraded to the latest version of WP and ACF PRO and the preview changes button is no longer showing changes from any ACF fields.

  • Update: The only fields that are working are text fields, all other fields do not seem to be working. Also, if you try to close the window or click “back” before changes are saved, it does not warn you like usual.

  • I have a very similar issue. I noticed:
    When I’m using get_field() in my template I can see the changes without saving just fine, however when using get_post_meta() the changes are not reflected.

  • I’m having a similar issue where get_fields() returns null for a repeater field when preview=true but then works fine when viewing the post outside of preview mode.

  • I’m not seeing any updates on the Gutenberg default text fields either. I removed all plugins except ACF and still had the issue in my theme and on default themes, and then removed ACF and have no issues so I’m pretty much positive its caused by the ACF plugin. Also, when I copy and paste the preview url into a new tab, i’m able to see the changes. Any idea whats going on here?

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