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Prevent updating address on google map field

  • Hello,
    I have a google map field where users on frontend can set an address in their posts by typing in the map’s search bar or by placing a marker. I have enabled Maps javascript API, Places Api and Geocoding API from google.console.

    In the post’s edit screen on wp-admin, the field is loading as expected and it displays the address that was added on the map. I have an admin user role with limited capabilities, who will be able to view the post but NOT make any changes to its fields.

    I have managed to prevent the editing of the other fields (such as text fields, radio-buttons etc..), however the admin-user viewing the post is still able to change/update the marker on the google map field. I cannot find a way to prevent him from setting a new address on the google map field. I just want him to be able to see the address added by the author of the post but not change it. is this possible?

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