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Prevent Post Save when showNotice is Present

  • Howdy,

    Am slowly getting comfortable with the ACF JavaScript API. What I am doing is simple, I have an array of email addresses and if the user specifies an email address in a field that’s in that array, it displays a notice.

    Works well, but even though the notice is shown, the user is allowed to post. I would like to mimic the behaviour that not entering a required field has: you can’t publish the post unless the error is fixed.

    Other than disabling the publish button, I was wondering of there was a way to do this? My code just in case:

                const emailField = acf.getField('field_sponsor_email_participant_email');
                // Javascript Email Field
                const emailInputField = document.querySelector('.participant-email input');
                emailInputField.addEventListener( 'keyup', (e) => {
                   let newUserEmail = emailInputField.value;
                   if( emailList.includes(newUserEmail) ) {
                           text: 'The specified email already exists in the system',
                           type: 'error',
                           dismiss: false
                   } else {
  • This may not help you but I would do this with an acf/validate_value filer.

  • @hube2 Actually, that works perfectly, thank you.

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