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Prepend Setting for text field

  • I am new to web development and have been learning as I go so be patient with me. I have created a field group with 9 fields, went to tools and generated the php, copied the code and pasted into a site-specific plugin and then uploaded and activated. Then in my theme file single.php added the fields example “<h3><?php the_field(‘step_1_title’); ?></h3>” but I added a prepend for text to appear before that “Title” is displayed “Step 1”. I can’t get the prepend to show up though. I have read the documentation and I still don’t understand (I am the problem not the documentation). Any help would be appreciated.

  • The “Prepend” and “Append” settings only add this in the admin when you’re editing and not on the front end when showing field values. You need to add it yourself there.

  • Thank you for your response. That helped push me in the right direction.

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