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Premium Theme – Client No Access/Fields Updates

  • I am trying to get my head wrapped around how I can setup ACF so that if I make future updates to the theme (field groups, fields, etc.), these changes are done automatically when a new version of my theme is installed?

    I grasp JSON Sync, but the ACF menu will be hidden from them and so I do not want them to have access to the group/field admin menu editor. Thoughts?

  • When creating a theme and including acf-json folder the fields will not be imported into the database and will only be used from the theme folder. For setting up a theme that will use a child theme, create a filter that sets a second load point from the parent theme’s acf-json folder. There is a solution for this posted here

    Whenever the parent theme is updated it will use the new json files and update all the field groups.

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