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Premium add-ons on Github

  • I have send a bunch of people Twitter messages and or e-mails to remove their Paid Add-ons from public Github / Bitbucket repo’s because I think it’s not right / proper.
    Do you have a idea about handling this in general?

    Like a witch hunt 🙂

    For example, a simple Google / Github search gets me on repo’s like this.

    If you want I keep sending these messages:

    Hi xyz,

    As ACF is Elliot Condon his primary income, could you remove the paid add-ons from this publicly repo or move it to a Bitbucket private one?

    Yours sincerely and off course thank you for buying them in first place 🙂


  • This is an old topic, but I’m sure that E appreciates the effort. I know he also posts these issues when he finds them. People should know better, but it seems that some don’t care. Almost 2 years later and the one you posted the issue to is still there, at least it hasn’t been updated.

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