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Preloaded images from server folder

  • Hey everyone! So I’m working up a multi site installation where the users can do all of their own customizations to the template through ACF. I already have it where they can choose a color or upload a background image. I even did a radio button series of patterns they could choose from if they want.

    But what I’d really like to do is have a nice big library of preloaded background images they can choose from if they don’t have any themselves.

    For a while I tried figuring out how to do a second tab within the media uploader that would just pull in everything from a server folder but couldn’t get it.

    Maybe there’s a slick way to do something with ACF that I’m missing?

    My backup plan is to just do it all with images in radio buttons but I’d prefer something that can easily load a nice library of possibilities.

  • There isn’t any way using ACF to load images from another site. You could set up a basic site in mutltisite that has what you want a site to start with and then use a plugin like to copy this “template” site as a starting point when setting up new sites.

  • Thanks John!

    Yeah that came to mind. So I’d want to then somehow make folders within the media uploader of the preloaded options.

    What if those photos were all in the theme folder itself? Is there a way to automatically grab any images in that folder and make them selectable?

    If not, I might just keep it at a smaller number of options and do radio buttons with images.

  • The images could be in a different folder, but you would need to set up a field to upload them to a different folder and then modify the filter when loading the field to only show that folder. I’m not sure how to do all of this, but is would not be easy. There is a topic here that discusses changing the upload path of an image field and there is a topic here that gives some information about modifying the media query for specific fields

  • Yeah definitely over my head. I think the simplest solution will be to just make a radio button field and drop like 5 or so options in there—when they select an image it drops the text into the page itself.

    Thanks for taking the time, John!


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