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Prefill a Repeater Field With Existing Field?

  • Have a strange request but on the search to try and make it possible to create a Real Estate Website with a page builder. I currently use a third party plugin to import the listings from MLS into WordPress. Everything is stored in custom fields which is easy enough to work with for a page builder like Elementor.

    The problem Im facing is the images are stored in a custom field in an array which I cant use with a builder.

    Is there a way to have ACF load that array into a image repeater field? Can I take the existing array of images and have it pre-fill an ACF field? I can’t figure out how this would work. I know manually adding a repeater field works great with a builder but I need to find a way to do so dynamically.

  • What are you using to import? I would build the fields that I need and then I would use with the ACF add on to import the data into the fields I’ve created.

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