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pre purchase questions about acf pro

  • hi


    i use your plugin with custom post type ui for my project
    i have professor, alumni , thesis , book , article custom post types

    i use some acf fields in each custom post type

    that for example each thesis and each article and each book is related to some professors and one alumni

    that i use relationship field in thesis and article and book custom post type

    I will have a lot of records and data in the near future

    Thousands of books and Thousands of article and Thousands of thesis and Hundreds of professors and Thousands of alumni

    i have different queries for listing and displaying books and thesis and articles related to a professor in professor’s page

    and related professors and alumni in thesis or book or article’s page

    Will I be in trouble with performance ( because of using your acf relationship fields ) ??

    if i will have performance trouble what is solution for speed up ( even using some plugins ) ??


    is there any way for import data to custom post types that using acf fields ?

    for example preparing excel or csv or other files with specific structure ( rows and columns ) for importing data

    3. how can use jalali calendar in date picker field for persian (farsi) language?

    thanks a lot

    best regards

  • I’m not the developer, but I can try to answer your questions

    1) performance will depend on the queries you use. With relationship field I would look into 2 way relationship. There is code on this site that will help as well as plugins available. There are a lot of other things that can be looked at but far too many to list them all here.

    2) the Pro version of WPAllImport will import ACF fields

    3) No. ACF uses the standard jQuery date field. To use a different type of calendar you would probably be looking at building a new field type add on plugin that uses a modified version of the datepicker like this one

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