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Pre-populate checkbox choices per repeater row

  • Hi there,

    I was wundering if the following is possible;

    1) I have a repeater in my options page to add questions to a form. Each row has a label and another repeater containing every possible answer.

    2) In one of my field groups I want to pre-populate a repeater field with rows for each question from this options page, containing:

    – a checkbox field containing all the answers for that question as choices and the question label as the checkbox field label.

    The problem is that if I use this method:
    it will populate the choices for each row, but I need them to be unique on each row.

    Is this even possible or is it necessary to already have a unique field for each question in my field group in order to populate the choices uniquely?

    Thanks a lot!

  • You cannot do this using PHP. To do this you would need to write the values to a JavaScript variable on the page and then use the ACF JS API to populate the values of each row. There are no examples that I know of for this.

  • Ok thanks for your reply!

    I thought I could use the acf_add_local_field instead for this, so I added the following action that displays my checkboxes correctly now:

    add_action('acf/init',	array(&$this, 'addServiceMatchMakerFilter'));
    public function addServiceMatchMakerFilter() {
    	if (function_exists('acf_add_local_field')) {
    		$posts     = new Posts();
    		$global    = $posts->getGlobalInfo();
    		$questions = $global['match_maker_questions'];
    		// Add field for each match maker question
    		if (!empty($questions)) {
    			foreach ($questions as $question) {
    				$choices = [];
    				if (!empty($question['choices'])) {
    					foreach ($question['choices'] as $choice) {
    						$value           = $choice['choice_value'] ? $choice['choice_value'] : $choice['choice_label'];
    						$choices[$value] = $choice['choice_label'];
    					'key'          => 'field_' . uniqid(),
    					'label'        => $question['label'],
    					'name'         => sanitize_title($question['label']),
    					'type'         => 'checkbox',
    					'parent'       => 'field_5d3ebbd2fef0c',
    					'choices'      => $choices,
    					//'layout'       => 'horizontal',

    However, when saving my post the values from these fields are empty again (also in frontend). Any idea why this is happening?

    Thanks, Toine

  • Ah duh! This line messed it up:
    'key' => 'field_' . uniqid()

    This is different on every page load…
    Is there a best practice on how many characters this key should be?

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