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Posts in a slider on frontpage

  • Hi,
    i have made 6 Custom Fields. You can fill them when you write a new Post. On the Blog Page it looks like this:

    Now i want to show the content (table & picture) on the frontpage in a slider.
    But The Slider Plugin only shows the Head and the Continue Button. It does not show the Rest of the Content. it looks like this:
    Can someone tell me whats the problem?

  • You will need to tell us what slider you’re attempting to use. Someone would need to be familiar with that slider. And you’ll need to post the code you are using to output the HTML for use with that slider.

  • Hi, i use this slider:

    The Problem is when i use the wordpress editor, the slider shows me the content from the Editor.

    But everything from the AC Fields doesnt show in the Slider. So what have i am missing to do?

  • This plugin is not likely to automatically use content from custom fields and may not be able to use custom fields at all. If it does it will require either altering the template files used by the plugin or using filters if the plugin provides them. You need to talk to that plugin developer to see if you can use custom fields and if you can how to do so.

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