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Posts are not "separate" with ACF Repeater

  • Hi! I hope you can give me some guidance.

    I am using ACF with Beaver Builder. I have a CPT with doctor’s profiles. In addition to their normal profile info (name, phone, etc., I created a repeater to add individual testimonials. On the front end, I have a posts area set up to dump this info on their profile page.

    But, I’ve done it wrong. Instead of it spitting out 3 separate testimonials posts from the single profile, it is spitting out 1 post with 3 testimonials inside it.

    How can I get them to create separate posts? My goal is to get them in the masonry format.

    Here is the code I am using.

    [wpbb-acf-repeater name=’doctor-testimonials’]
    <div class=”fl-post-text doctor-testimonials”>
    [wpbb post:acf type=’textarea’ name=’testimonial’]
    <h3>[wpbb post:acf type=’text’ name=’testimonial-author’]</h3>
    <h4>[wpbb post:acf type=’text’ name=’authors-business’]</h4>

    Thank you for any help you can thing of.


  • I have no experience with BeaverBuilder and ACF shortcodes but it sounds like you don’t want a repeater field in the first place. A repeater is for adding multiple items to a single post. It sounds like you want just one testimonial with each post, so you just need a regular text field associated with the post type.

  • The basic answer is “No. It can’t be done that way”.

    I want all of them to be listed on a single post. But, BB has a way to pull in separate chunks of info – like all posts on one page (good for a landing page for a blog with a “read more”). I ended up just pulling them all in as one big chunk of information and styled them to look like a masonry block layout.

    Thank you for your reply.

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