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Posting from the front end incorporating plugin (Post Expirator)

  • I have ACF able to post on the front end and everything seems to work well. Due to the nature of my posts I need them to delete after a set number of days (ie 60 days). After much deliberation I decided to use Post Expirator which also works well… on the back end.

    When creating a post on the front end the Post Expirator never initializes and therefore the expiration date data is not saved. I believe that when a post is created on the back end Post Expirator is creating meta with the expiration data. I assume a function will be needed to incorporate the Post Exirator data into acf/pre_save_post.

    A sample function would be awesome. But outside the scope of this exact question, incorporating similar plugins into front end posts would be good knowledge for which there seems to be no documentation on the interwebs.

    GitHub link for Post Expirator

  • Someone has solved this problem? I need to use this plugin (post-expirator) but the expiration date is not saved by the frontend form. Is there an easy way or some code to include in ACF PRO this function?
    Or someone can suggest me some other solution to show the expiration date of the post?
    Thanks 😉

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