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Post "Types" and interlinking content

  • I am considering moving to ACF Pro. While I liked the addons, I think this will be better and easier in the future. PRO will also help Eliot support this fantastic plugin (quite singularly the reason I took WordPress seriously).

    My question.

    I need to go beyond just custom fields per post type, and actually make the “custom post types” that are logically interlinked to each other.

    For example let’s say I am working on a conference website. I need to have

    1. Speakers
    2. Agenda (calendar when those speakers will speak)

    Can I use ACF PRO to create these post types, then have them show up as a distinct menu on the left hand side in the WP-ADMIN area, and most importantly, after I am done creating each speaker, then when I go into the Agenda, can I see a field type where all those speakers are listed in a dropdown?

    Hope this makes sense. Would love some pointers on how best to achieve this!


  • Hi, you can’t create custom post types with ACF but you can simply use something like Custom Post Type UI plugin.

    You can relate post types to each other using the relationship field and so allocate speakers to an agenda item when creating/editing an agenda post.

  • Hi @PK Hunter

    And you can also register new post types via this wp function:

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