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Post objects with multiple select always empty

  • Hi, i’m using ACF v 4.4.5 and the ACF plugin “repeater field” v 1.1.1 on a new wordpress install (ver. 4.4.2)

    I’m in trouble trying to get a post object list in frontend when “multiple choice” is activated. If i don’t select multiple, i got a dropdown in my admin and i get the post object in front just fine with get_sub_field(), but i always get empty array with mutiple choice on.

    worth noticing i’m using these inside a repeater, as you noticed i’m using get_sub_field, and not get_field to gather data.

    Is it a known bug, or am I missing something obvious ? Thanks,

  • I’m bypassing the problem by puttin single post object into repeater fields now, but it still looks like a library bug to me, i got several get_sub_field functions working in the same loop, only the mutliple post object is empty while it got data on the backoffice side

  • Hi @superfrigo

    I’m afraid that I can’t reproduce this issue on my end. Could you please var_dump() the returned data from the get_sub_field() function? This page should give you more idea about it:

    Also, could you please share the XML export of the field group and the PHP code you were using?


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