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Post Object with single value

  • So, I have created CF, type: post object, with Select multiple values = OFF. Added value in wp-admin without any problem. In page template, I use get_field_objects to get values. However, $field[‘value’] doesn’t return anything.

    If I turn Select multiple values = ON, then $field[‘value’] shows correct value.

    Here is the code. Did I do something wrong?

    $fields = get_field_objects( get_the_ID() );
          if ( $fields ) {
            /* sorting */
            $order = array();
            foreach ( $fields as $key => $field ) :
              $order[ $key ] = $field[ 'menu_order' ];
            array_multisort( $order, SORT_ASC, $fields );
            /** showing result on front-end **/
            foreach ( $fields as $field ) {
              echo '<h6>'.$field['label'].'</h6>';
              $field_values = $field['value'];
              if ( is_array( $field_values ) ) {
                echo '<ul>';
                $real_values = get_field( $field['name'] );
                foreach ( $real_values as $post ) {
                  setup_postdata( $post );
                  echo '<li>'.get_the_title().'</li>';
                echo '</ul>';
              else {
                echo '<ul><li>'.$field_values.'</li></ul>';
  • What is being shown here? anything?

    echo '<ul><li>'.$field_values.'</li></ul>';

    You are returning a post object, a post object is not an array and is not a single value.

    My expectation here would be that you’d see something like

    Recoverable fatal error: Object of class WP_Post could not be converted to string in .../template-parts/post/content.php on line 12
  • No, there is nothing shown there. The worst thing is no error returns in front-end. Just a blank space. It cuts off all results, WordPress code after that. For example, no more footer, even when I view source code, there are still close body, html tags. Something likes break in the loop.

    In the server log, there is error recorded anyway:

    Stack trace:
    #0 /home/<username>/domains/<the-domain-name>/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(287): newfunction_loop('')
    #1 /home/<username>/domains/<the-domain-name>/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(311): WP_Hook->apply_filters('', Array)
    #2 /home/<username>/domains/<the-domain-name>/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php(478): WP_Hook->do_action(Array)
    #3 /home/<username>/domains/<the-domain-name>/public_html/wp-content/themes/genesis/lib/framework.php(66): do_action('genesis_loop')
    #4 /home/<username>/domains/<the-domain-name>/public_html/wp-content/themes/theme20/page-abc-template.php(73): genesis()
    #5 /home/<username>/domains/<the-domain-name>/public_html/wp-includes/template-loader.php(106): include('/home/<username>/dom...')
    #6 /home/<username>/domains/<the-domain-name>/public_html/wp-blog-header.php(19): require_once('/home/<username>/dom...')
    #7 /home/<username>/domains/<the-domain-name>/public_html/index.php(17): require('/home/<username>/dom...')
    # in /home/<username>/domains/<the-domain-name>/public_html/wp-content/themes/theme20/page-abc-template.php on line 64
  • if you see nothing then you are seeing a partial white screen, a fatal error is causing execution to stop. Turn on debugging

  • Now, I see the same error as you posted above. However, I am not sure why it runs the “else” there?

  • what you need to do is detect this return value

    if (is_a($field_values, 'WP_Post')) {
      // return is a single post object
      // convert it to an array for use below
      $field_values = array($field_values);
    if ( is_array( $field_values ) ) {
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