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Post Object stopped working on front end

  • Currently have a site that is fully updated to the current WP and PRO versions that has been functional and stable for months.

    I have a cloned site that is exactly same as the first.

    Post Objects on the first site are returning NO RESULTS FOUND on the front end, but work fine on the back end. No JS error and AJAX is loading fine.

    On the second site, all is functioning as intended.

    I have ran a check sum on every file and the database. There are no JS errors in the console or logs.

    So, I tore everything apart … unloaded plugins, etc etc … what we all know to do.

    Anyone else have any ideas of where to look or what to try?

  • Found it.

    When you add an SSL certificate to your site you need to add the HTTPS:// in the site settings as well.

    If you don’t you will get a cross domain error when your site attempts to retrieve data via AJAX.

    Good times.

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