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Post Object search refinement doesn't work for 2 characters

  • I have an issue which has just come to light. I have a post object field type set up to pick multiple post objects. One of the posts has only a 2 letter title and does not get returned when you type to refine the list in admin.

    If an extra character is added to the title then the search does work.

    Is this by design? If not it sounds like a bug. If so, is there a way of over-riding this functionality so that it can refine the post object list when only 1 or 2 characters have been entered?


  • This is still an issue, anyone know of a fix for it? Is it a bug?

  • Might be related, might not be, but:

    * I also have post object field setup
    * No fancy stuff in a post title

    Once I start typing, console throws this error:
    TypeError: b.slice is not a function[Learn More] select2.full.min.js:1:42662

    Seems that for results that are not initially shown once you click on the field, before typing, it throws this error.

    For example:
    I click on the field, there’s a bunch of items that start with letter A, if I start with A, that’s fine, but if start typing any other letter, above error is shown.

  • I have recorded a video to show the issue. In this case I am searching for ‘Ty Liburd’. The result is only returned when ‘Ty Lib’ has been been typed. I then search for ‘Chloe’, the result is returned after typing ‘Chl’.

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