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Post Object rendering

  • Hi all,
    In short I’d like to achieve a select2 field with thumbnail in the list.

    I want to have my users to be able to select a background pattern for the post. Since there’s going to be a lot of different patterns, I’d like to show the selection possibilities visually.

    At the moment the pattern choices are media posts with taxonomy (“pattern”) which I filter in a “post object” field.

    I’ve been looking at the different filters and actions, but I’m not getting any closer. I was looking at the select2 webpage and they showcase a list with a thumbnail attached so I’m assuming it can be done.

    Looking forward to hear your thoughts on this.

    Have a nice day

  • This isn’t something that you’re going to be able to do with ACF unless you build a new custom field type.

    There is this one, I don’t know if it’s what you’re looking for, if not it would be a good starting point

    There may also be something else in this list

  • Hi John,
    I already tried the Image Select extension,
    but none of the extensions I’ve tried seem to not work together with the newest version of ACF.. :/

  • Yeah, that happens. If I had a use for an extension of if I do in the future I might build on, but more than likely I’d do something that achieves the same thing in a simpler way.

    For example, a radio field with dynamically loaded choices where the label of the choice included an image tag. What’s outlined here can also be used for a radio button field I don’t actually know what would happen if you inserted images into a select field.

  • Hi John,
    Thanks again for getting back to me on this!
    The project I’m working on where I need this has unfortunately been put a bit aside atm, but I’ll bookmark your link since it looks like what I’m looking for 🙂


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