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Post Object not showing options

  • I have recently updated ACF to the latest and also WP.

    I’ve now noticed the dropdown for my post object field is no longer working and won’t allow me to select anything.

    I have replicated the issue on local, staging and live.

    I get no errors and even when I create a brand new field with the same options (just different name) it still has no success.

    Is anyone aware of issues?

  • I just did a test. My test site is running only WP and ACF. Everything appears to be in working order. You probably have a conflict somewhere else.

    The usual problem is that the is something preventing the AJAX request from succeeding. You will not usually see these errors if they happen because it will prevent the request from returning the correct value. Any PHP error during the request can cause this.

  • Thanks @hube2 , I did think that was the case but wanted to check.

    The other weird thing is (not sure if it’s related) is that the plugin keeps asking to be updated, which I do and then refresh the page and it asks again – it also says it’s 5.9.0 but looks like an old version.

  • My guess is that whatever is causing the AJAX issue with ACF is also interfering in some way with the AJAX request made to perform the plugin update.

  • I think that might that be it because I’ve downloaded the latest update plugin from the website and installed it manually that way.

    However, when I check updates in the admin area, it says “Current Version 5.3.7” despite it having 5.9.0 installed.

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