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Post Object Fields Stopped Working

  • Safari: Some Post Object fields are now not returning results on lookup after update.
    Firefox: All Post Object fields affected.

    Site using version of PRO. (5.6.6)
    Wordpress 4.8

    Did the obligitory strip down to barebones and same issue.

    No JS errors in browser.
    No WP-DEBUG errors logged to file.

    This is a live site and is used continuosly, all help is appreciated.

  • I have now tested other Relational Fields and they will not return data in FireFox but work in Safari. This has been tested on 5 computers that are connected to the site from different locations.

  • Hi Jeff

    Thanks for the bug report.
    I’m unable to replicate this locally, are you able to provide a site online for us to test?

    Please include WP login details and step by step instructions to replicate the issue.
    Please mark your reply as private to avoid sharing the WP username/password with public.

  • Certainly.

    I will need to take the site into maintenance mode to give you access so live users are not affected. Can we schedule a time frame?


  • Hi Jeff.

    It will be best if you can provide a staging site for me to test with. Is this an option?
    If not, please provide me with some testing data so that I can try to replicate this locally:

    1. A simple field group export that demonstrates the issue
    2. Step by step instructions to replicate the issue


  • Elliot,

    My apologies for not getting back here quickly. We were able to roll the site back to an earlier version that is working.

    Since our staging site is local, access other than the live site was unavailable.

    Our plan is to create a staging site online and test moving everything forward and finding what caused the site to become inoperative. I will make sure to come back and give you feedback as to what we found. I suspect from other support requests that you may have found it and fixed it by now.

    Thank you again.



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