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Post-Object field too wide with long post titles

  • Hi,
    I set up a repeater with 3 sub-fields for an image, a text and a post-object link. With longer titles the post-object field bumps the other fields. It gets as wide as the title is long, no matter how narrow I set this field up within the table layout of the parent repeater. It behaves similar within the block layout.

    A suggestion for a future update of ACF: please style this dropdown list of titles with “overflow: hidden” or shorten longer titles. :-S

    See screenshot attached.
    Besides this tiny issue:
    Thanks for the great work!

  • Just a suggestion, with a large field type like a WYSIWYG editor as one of your repeater sub fields I’d probably set the repeater layout as row instead of table.

  • With the “block” or (row) layout the problem stays the same. If the title is wider as the wrapping parent Repeater Field, the post-object field overlaps this parent wrapper.

    I showed the table layout on purpose. It works much better for us in terms of overview and resorting by drag-n-drop. The little overflow issue with the post-object field exists independently of the repeater layout, I think.

  • Having the same issue here. Any possible fix?


  • Any updates on this issue? It still exists.

  • i’m having a problem with this also… Input fields are cut-off on the backend making it difficult to put in values.

  • I don’t even remember relying to this the first time, and the original screen shots are gone. Can you supply a screen shot of the problem, and possibly an example field group that shows the problem? Also, what version of ACF are you using?

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