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Fields within tab saved as new child field group

  • I have a really strange issue with ACF Pro 5.0.8 and WP 4.0. Basically, I’ve added an options subpage under “Pages” so that I can associate content from certain pages with post type archives.

    I had about ten different Post Object fields, filtered by type to only offer pages. These fields were broken up between two tabs, Archives and Buttons, because some of these post objects would apply to pages associated with the post type archives, and some of them would be the pages associated with static buttons in the site header/footer.

    When I go to save the group, the Post Object fields appeared to vanish, and only the top tab remained. I didn’t know what was causing this, but when I went to the full list of custom fields, I saw that all fields after the tab were being saved as children of the field group. I think this is a problem with the tabs, because when I didn’t have any in the group, it saved fine. I’ve included a screenshot of the aftermath, where even the Buttons tab has been converted into a field group.

  • I’ve done some more testing and it looks like the issue was the Post Type Switcher plugin (v1.3). When I have that deactivated the field groups save correctly.

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