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Post object field not showing past Tribe Events Calendar events

  • ACF 5.6.3
    Wordpress 4.8.2
    The Events Calendar 4.6.1

    I realise this might be an Events Calendar issue but if someone could help me debug I’d be very grateful.

    I have a simple post object set up to list events, however only future events some to be shown.

    I’ve tried the acf/fields/post_object/query filter and I dont see anything unusual with the query.

    The events that aren’t showing don’t seem to have anything unusual about them.

    Many thanks,


  • Thanks for posting that solution @beapi

  • Hello @beapi,
    I have the same issue and your previous code didn’t work anymore.
    Do you have an updated code ?
    Thanks in advance.

  • My code works with current events.

    $myfield= get_field('myfield');
    $myfield_ID = $myfield->ID;
    echo $myfield_ID;

    It returns event ID with current events but with past events it returns me nothing, none ID…
    With ID, I can display event linked by acf post object title, thumbnail, etc… but without, impossible to display anything from a past event.
    If I replace manually the ID variable (ex: $myfield_ID = ‘4055’;) it displays the past event.
    I dont understand why it doesn’t returns me the ID, even if it’s a past event.
    Any help appreciated.

  • Hi everybody,
    I found the solution.
    Instead of searching like me for hours I share it if someone has this issue too.
    You just have to choose post ID instead of post object and it works like a charm.

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