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Post Meta Duplicate content and no real Post ID

  • I was going over my database the other day and noticed in wp-postmeta that on some of my posts and meta data that I use ACF that some weird things were happening.

    It seems to be creating duplicate content on for my posts and they don’t even have a real post assigned to it, when I check the post ID of the meta field with the post ID in the wp_posts table no posts exists for it.

    For example I have a custom field called guide_preview where each post can enter in preview, but if you look at the database you’ll see that meta field has been duplicated a random number of times

    Duplicate Posts Database Image

    You can see the full image here for a clearer view

    When I check the post_id with with the actual posts only one of them of all the duplicates will match a post, so why am I receiving all these duplicate content entries and what posts are they actually linked to since most of them the post id isn’t actually a real post.

  • Is it possible that these apparent duplicates are simply WordPress version history?

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