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Post Images aren’t imported with custom posts.

  • Scenario: I have a development website on a server, and a development site on my local machine. I have data entry people adding Custom Posts on the Server, then I am exporting those custom posts and importing them into my local machine for testing and coding.

    Problem: All image fields (images & galleries) are configured to save “Image ID”, and when I export/import into my local machine, I can see custom fields with Image IDs, but no matching image is imported. Also, I’m wondering if the image was to be imported, wouldn’t it have a different ID?

    I need to know how to get the images attached to the custom posts (on my server), to be imported into my local machine when I do an Export from server & import into my local machine.

  • Hi @nuresponse

    unfortunately this is outside the scope of the ACF project at the moment.

    ACF is just a GUI layer for the native custom fields. Perhaps in the future I can extend the WP importer to also look at image values, but at the moment, this is not possible

  • If we could do an export plugin that translates the Image ID into the actual URLs that could work.

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