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Possible? Get ACF-style object for Featured Images?

  • I love everything about ACF, but one of my favorite things is how it returns images. However, I occasionally use the built-in featured images from WordPress. What I dislike about that is the lack of all the details I get when I load images with ACF — in the image object.

    With ACF, you get the various sizes, the alt text, caption, and so forth. With standard WP featured images, you have to do extra work to get that information.

    Question is: Is there an ACF function I can use to get a similar object, just by supplying an image ID?


  • create a field group with a field named “_thumbnail_id”, hide the featured image box when this field is displayed.

    This will replace the built in featured image box with an ACF field but all of the standard WP functions that deal with the featured image will still work because the field name is the WP meta key for the featured image.

  • Interesting! Sounds like a good solution. Thanks!

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