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Possible conflict with Ithemes Exchange

  • Not sure if this has been reported before, but thought I better mention it in case it has anything to do with some of the other bugs being reported in ACF5 Pro. There’s a bug between ACF and the Ithemes Exchange plugin. At the moment an Ithemes product lists all ACF field groups, not just the ones assigned to the post type. Nothing happens if you click on a tab for a non assigned field group.

  • From what I have tested, no ACF fields are showing in the Product (custom post type).

  • I can confirm that this is happening to me as well. Even when setting invalid rules on the field group (e.g User Role is contributor when logged in as admin, Post Type is not equal to “Product,” etc.) all field groups are still shown.

  • Yeah – this seems to be happening again for me as well.

    Quick (and fairly lazy) fix is to just style them out of the UI box for iThemes

    Just insert the following into the WP Admin Dashboard header by amending your functions.php file and it should remove them without having to worry about plugin updates “breaking” the fix. into your functions.php file

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