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Possible Bug: Touch Screen Issue w/ Taxonomy Fields

  • Noticed when editing a post with a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, android 4.1 (out of date)…

    Behavior: When selecting a Taxonomy field, after the taxonomy is selected, the entire field group meta box disappears.

    I’m assuming this is an out-of-date android issue, but reporting just the same.

  • Update: Have tested on Android 4.4.2 on a Moto-X phone, the issue is still there… Selecting a Taxonomy from a Taxonomy field causes the entire field group to disappear.

  • Hi @jwss76

    Are you able to replicate the issue on any other device / computer?
    I wonder if the issue is in fact the location rules of the fields group refreshing when the taxonomies are changed…

  • I have seen this on other hardware (traditional windows laptop), and I have seen it happen now on fields other than taxonomy fields, but it seems most common touch screen devices.

    Your guess on the location rules resetting seems plausible because I have noticed that once the meta box disappears… if I then save the post as a draft, the data/taxonomy I entered will save as expected. When the page refreshes (after the draft saves) the meta box is back where it is expected.


  • Hi @jwss76

    Thanks for the follow up. If you ever see the issue again, please let me know and if you could grant me access to the site to debug the problem, that would be great.


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  • Hi @jwss76

    Thanks for the login details and field group code. I can see the issue, and will do some more testing soon.

    The issue is coming from logic within ACF which re-matches field groups when a taxonomy field is updated.

    I think the issue comes from a secret taxonomy you are using called cl_category. Because the page does not show this taxonomy value, ACF doesn’t know the post is connected to it and the matching logic fails…

  • Hey Elliot,

    If it helps in any way… the cl_category taxonomy is set from a front end form by Gravity Forms and the field group that shows is completely dependent on that selection. It’s hidden purely for UI reasons.

    Thanks for looking in,

  • Hi @jwss76

    Thanks. Yes, this explains the issue well.

    You will need to show the category UI to prevent the disappearing issue, and I’ll look into a solution for the future!

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